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Meeting Minutes of May 29 2023

Following Decisions were made:

  1. It is decided to use WhatsApp as an official platform for committee communication. 
  2. It is decided to keep records and publish documents in both English and Nepali language.
  3. It is decided to use Zelle as a payment method for TNCC. We’ll use TNCC’s email address for the Zelle account.
  4. It is decided to use current bank account of TNCC with signature of newly elected president Mr. Rajendra Gautam and Treasurer Mr. Daya Dhakal.
  5. It is decided to create an inventory record of all the rentable things we have. It is also decided to make guidelines to rent.

Attendees : 

Rajendra Gautam 
Ramji Koirala 
Dipak Ranabhat 
Ghanashyam Pathak 
Ujjwal Poudel 
Daya Dhakal 
Devraj Basyal 
Indira Aryal 
Laxman Dahal 
Pralad Shah 
Pratima Sharma

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