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Meeting Minutes of June 3rd 2023

Following decisions were made:

  1. We thanked the immediate past committee and election committee for successful tenure and peaceful completion of the election process.
  2. We will communicate with current co-ordinators of Adopt a Highway. Also, TNCC will provide a peer coordinator to make Adopt a Highway activity smooth.
  3. Pathasala will be in person instead of online. TNCC will prepare a mechanism for on-site Pathasala. We’ll request the current coordinator to volunteer as a coordinator on-site.
  4. Joint Secretary Ujjwal Poudel made urgent payment for website domain and maintenance. TNCC will reimburse $100 for his expenditure. 
  5. Social Media presence/Broadcast/Communication
    1. Will make 1 google number of TNCC and forward calls to president and General secretary. 
    2. ‘Triad Nepalese Community Center’ remains the official facebook page of TNCC and will request all other accounts to deactivate which impersonate like TNCC. 
    3. Will update new contact number in TNCC facebook page.
  6. President Mr. Rajendra Gautam is traveling to Nepal on 9th of June and returns on 15th July. It is decided to delegate his authority to executive vice president Mr. Ramji Koirala. 

Attendees : 

Rajendra Gautam 
Ramji Koirala 
Dipak Ranabhat 
Ghanashyam Pathak 
Ujjwal Poudel 
Daya Dhakal 
Devraj Basyal 
Laxman Dahal
Pralad Shah 
Pratima Sharma 

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